The lawyers

Bertrand Pagès


Specialist in employment and social security law

Member of the Bar of Rennes since december 1978

Former Chairman of the Bar association of Rennes in 2009-2010

He organises training courses for Professional trade union organisations and he teaches at EDAGO (lawyers’ college for western France) which provides the initial and ongoing training for lawyers who work in the appeal courts of Rennes and Caen.

Since 2004, he has lectured in and helped to run the social law training courses provided at the lawyers’ college, and from 2005 to 2008 he sat on the board of its « continuous Professional development » committee.

Within the practice, he is specifically in charge of :

Employment law : advice, litigation and negociation.

Social security law.

He also handles cases in the fiels of family law, insurance law and law relating to the compensation of damages.

Dominique deFREMOND


Member of the Bar of Rennes since January 1996

Former member of the Council of the Bar association

He studied business and tax law at the Paris II Panthéon-Assas University.

After two years serving in the French Army as a legal specialist of officer rank, he has been a partner of the practice since it was set up in 2002.

He has taught for several years at the lawyers’ collège and the Rennes School of Business.

Within the practice, he specifically deals with :

Business, company and contract law and commercial litigation.

Law relating to private individuals, Financial and property law, insurance, torts and compensation for body injury.

Sport law, law relating to clubs, federations and sportpeople.

Business criminal law, motoring offences, the joining of civil proceedings to criminal proceedings for victims.

He is also a lawyer undertaking real estate transactions, and in this role he may act either for a seller or a buyer of a property.



She was sworn in in january 2006.

After a few years as a self-employed lawyer, she joined MONDRIAN AVOCATS in 2018.

She holds a post-graduate degree in private law and a university degree in employment law.

She organises training courses, particulary in social welfare law, for company directors and officers, and she gives employment law lectures at the University of Rennes.

Within the practice, she mainly works in the following fields :

Employment law : advice, litigation, negociation.

Social security law.

Family law.

Civil law : tort, contracts.

The competences

Employment law

Services provided : advice, negotiation of out-of-court settlements, litigation, and training.

Employment contract : drawing up the employment contract, analysis of contractual clauses.

Work relationships : arranging of hours of work, overtime, wages/salaries, holidays/ occupational health.

Breach of employment contract : dismissal, resignation, constructive dismissal, judicial termination, mutualty agreed termination, and fax and social security ramifications of severance payments.

Collective workplace relationships : employee représentative bodies (elections, operation, disputes...), negotiation of collective agreements, application of the collective agreement.

Unemployment insurance: rights, ramifications of the method used to terminate the employment contract.

Criminal employment law : concealed employment, occupational accidents

Social security law and social welfare law

Occupational accidents/ occupational illnesses, gross negligence.

Checks by URSSAF (social security contributions collection office).

Disagreements with social security bodies.

Litigation before the disability tribunals.

Commercial and business law

Commercial and business law

Commercial contracts.

Distribution contracts, commercial agent contracts, client/sales prospecting agreements, général sales conditions, franchise agreements, and brand licencing agreements.

Setting up a business.

Setting up a commercial company, a property investment company, a holding, partnership agreements, agreements to provide (free) assistance...

Commercial leases.

Drawing up of contracts, renewals, short-term leases, subletting agreements, changes to rent levels, litigation.

Sale of a business.

Sale of securities, guarantees in respect of liabilities, transfer of goodwill.

Amendments to the articles/statutes.

Changes to the capital, transfer of head office, disposal of shares.

Litigation : proceedings before the commercial court, arbitration, conciliation, out-of-court settlements, recovery or disputing of amounts owed, contractual liability actions.


Businesses in difficulty.

Safeguarding measures, administration, out-of-court approaches to creditors or debtors.

Law of contract and tort

Contractual liability of a professional person or a private individual in connection with a sale or the provision of a service.

Liability in tort.

Accidents, Insurances.

Consumer law.

Banking and insurance law, sales, latent defect or inadequate quality/fitness for purpose, motoring law.

Compensation for bodily injury.

Road accidents, medical errors, assaults.

Property/ real estate.

Sales, construction, losses following the works.

Recovery or disputing of amounts owed between professionals and/or private individuals.

Intellectual property law

Law relating to trademarks and designs.

Registration with INPI (National Intellectual Property Institute).



Property, financial and family law

Family law.

Contribution to expenses of married life.

Divorce : by mutual consent in order to accept the break-up without consideration of the facts that have led to it, irretrievable breakdown of the marriage, fault-based divorce.

Maintenance allowances, compensatory payments, awarding of the rights to use property.

Civil partnerships, break-up of cohabitation.

Children : parental authority, résidence, rights of access, financial provision payments in relation to divorce or non-marital relationships.

Property and financial law.

Settlement of property rights arising from the matrimonial relationship.


Real estate law : Construction, Property.

Insurance law.

Criminal law

Criminal liability of corporate managers, directors.

Safety, undeclared employment, misuse of company assets.

Employment criminal law.

Concealed employment, occupational accidents.

Motoring offences.

Speeding, driving under the influence of alcohol, disputing the imposition of penalty points.

Assistance for victims of traffic offences.

Road accident victims, victims of assault or robbery.

Sports law

Disciplinary procedures

Sports accidents

Litigation before sports bodies (federations, leagues, French National Olympic and Sports Committee).

Civil liability of the associations.

Sponsorship agreements.

Employment contracts of sports people and administrators.

Organisation of clubs and federations.


MONDRIAN AVOCATS is member of the international network of lawyers LAWROPE.

It currently has 18 member like-minded law firms with representatives across Europe, Latin America and the USA. Many of the member partners are renowned in their own particular areas of the law.

Our firm can represent foreign clients in all the French jurisdictions.

If one of our French clients has a litigation in another country, the firm can trust in its network of correspondents worldwide.

We can work in English, Spanish, Italian.

Deontology / fees

Professional ethics

The practice adheres to strict professional and ethical rules and is overseen by the French Bar.

The principle of independence guarantees that the advice provided to the client will never be influenced by any personal interest or external pressure.

The principle of loyalty means that the lawyer can never advise or défend two parties whose interests are likely to be in conflict (conflict of interests rule).

The principle of confidentiality covers verbal or written communications between lawyers and between the lawyer and the client as well as information which lawyers may become aware of through the dealings that they have with the opposing party, particularly in order to facilitate negotiations for out-of-court settlements.

The maintaining of professional confidentiality prohibits lawyers from revealing to third parties any confidences or secrets that their clients have entrusted to them. This obligation is général, absolute and unlimited in time, and it applies to all légal fields and to all the types of work undertaken (advice, defence...).

The lawyer must ensure that all his or her professional partners comply with it too (colleagues, employees or independent service providers...).

Professional confidentiality is also a legal obligation, and any breach of it is a criminal offence.

Lawyers are Under a duty to provide information and advice and to act diligently and must therefore in particular inform their client of the prospects of success of their case, any means of redress, the state of progress, and any developments in the case, as well as the anticipated amount of their fees (written fees agreements are now obligatory).

The specialisms

ll the practice's lawyers have undergone initial training to a high level, and they have to undertake continuous further training throughout the year.

They are permitted to show a designated specialism if they have provided evidence of relevant experience and have passed an examination to test their knowledge. This is a recognised guarantee of expertise for the client.

Apart from having designated specialisms, the lawyers develop specific fields of work which allow them to offer a comprehensive, high-quality service.

The fees

They are freely negotiated and agreed with the client, and in particular they take account of the complexity of the case, the profile of the lawyer, and his or her designated specialisms, as well as the background work carried out. (Law of 31 December 1971).

The firm charges € 80 excl. taxes* for an initial advice meeting without any research for the provision of written advice. If proceedings are then initiated or help is provided with negotiations, the first meeting will be included in the fee agreed with the lawyer for the service as a whole.

Depending on the nature of the works carried out, the fees may be invoiced:

  • at an hourly rate of between € 180 and € 200 excl. taxes*, depending on the subject matter and the lawyer ;

  • as a flat-rate sum which is fixed with the client at the start of the work ;

  • as a percentage of the result achieved which varies between 8% and 10% excl. taxes* (the result equals the sums actually received by the client) in addition to a reduced basic fee. Working purely on a contingency fee basis is prohibited.

The fees are supplemented by the settlement of expenses (opening of files & archiving, correspondence, photocopies...) according to the practice’s current rates.

A fees agreement is proposed to the client which specifies the methods to be used for making payments to the practice. The expenses and fees can be wholly or partly paid by a legal protection insurance policy for the client's benefit - without this removing the client's right to choose the lawyer. We will be able to review the insurance policy at the initial meeting. If legal proceedings are initiated, the court concerned will be requested to order the opposing party to pay an indemnity to cover "unrecoverable expenses" so that the client can recover all or some of the expenses that he or she has incurred (art. 700 of the Code of Civil Procedure).

Some members of the practice agree to undertake legal aid work, depending on the subject matter and complexity of the case.

* VAT at the statutory rate must be added to these sums



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